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Community Management Service

Create meaningful connections between your brand and your audience

Communities offer people a sense of belonging along with an avenue to connect with other people based on their shared interests. Many organizations invest in building communities to create authentic relationships among their customers, employees, partners, and audiences. Besides being recognized as humanized brands that care about the people who support them, work for them, and interact with them.

Community management allows you to..

  • Create meaningful connections between people with similar interests around the world and your brand
  • Reach a broader audience through word of mouth growth 
  • Obtain feedback and gather ideas from your audience members
  • Learn about your potential customers and what they want in terms of content, services, and support
  • Provide value to your customers beyond a product or service
  • Create a cost-effective marketing strategy

About our Service

Our experts will help you...

Build the initial structure to take your community off the ground

We will help you start a community from scratch by creating the enrollment process, providing inspiring information about your purpose, highlighting the shared values and defining how members will engage.

Communicate your community and build your audience

Inviting members for your community is crucial to amplify your messages and create relevance for your brand in the online space. We help you connect with the right audiences in a meaningful way and grow your community faster.

Consistently engage your community members

We will help you create great content and frequent opportunities for interaction within your community to encourage actively participating in conversations and activities that will generate value for your community members and your organization.

Create an integrated strategy to boost your results

Being able to connect your community with other initiatives, such as events and campaigns, allows you to take full advantage of your audience engagement. Our team is ready to help you connect all parts of your communication efforts.

Our Community Management Services

How We Work

Step 1

Initial Consultation

We discuss your goals, ambitions and pain points, getting to the heart of your marketing and communication needs.

Step 2

Community Strategy Setting

We set an initial marketing strategy based on your unique requirements and objectives.

Step 3

Technical Setup

We recommend the best platforms and tools for building and managing your community according to your needs.

Step 4

Registration process & Onboarding

We create a registration process for you to collect data and learn about your community members. We help your members get the most out of the community through customized onboarding materials with information about your organization and the resources available. 

Step 5

Content & Opportunities to Interact

We create relevant content and exclusive interactive sessions to engage your community members inon discussions and activities that will generate value for them and for your organization. 

Step 6

Organic Growth

We help you grow your community through word of mouth and communication campaigns that will call the attention of the audiences you are most interested in. 

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The Island Innovation team delivers expert knowledge and experience related to a number of niche topics. Also, we have an engaged global island network, meaning that if we don’t have the experience in-house, we can help you identify the right experts for your project.
The most effective way to decide which of our services is the best fit is to get in touch with your specific requirements. Following this, we can then arrange a call or video meeting with you to discuss your goals in more detail and identify the best solution. Please contact us here.
Our expertise in sustainable development, community building and humanized communications makes us thrive in competitive markets. We have access to a unique exchange of knowledge through our global network of more than 130,000 engaged members. Island Innovation is a trusted resource within island communities and only works with organizations which support our mission.

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