The Virtual Island Summit

A fundamental part of our approach to the Virtual Island Summit is to emphasize the need for input and partnerships from across the private, public, academic and NGO sectors.

The Virtual Island Summit - Over 12,000 attendees

The Virtual Island Summit (VIS) is a free online event connecting remote, rural and island communities to share common experiences and learn from innovators and experts. VIS uses video conferencing technology to bring together island communities from across the world at a zero-carbon conference.

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A big part of our goal for the summit has been to connect as many people, especially island residents, as possible and facilitate a shared feeling of a global community and desire to work together with other individuals and organizations from around the world.

Through this global platform, we hope to be able to facilitate and speed up the collaboration necessary for the creation and sharing of solutions to combat climate change, and help to create more sustainable and resilient communities everywhere, as the issues facing islands are going to increasingly face everyone. This is why it is so vital that the Virtual Island Summit creates a collective mindset to solve these large scale global issues.

Our Approach

A fundamental part of our approach to the Virtual Island Summit is to emphasize the need for input and partnerships from across the private, public, academic and NGO sectors. Attendees have the opportunity to listen to and learn from over 100 different world-class experts from diverse backgrounds including world leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, academics and NGO leaders. The daily sessions are in various formats and the summit imitates a traditional in-person event with opportunities for attendees to interact with speakers and other attendees. As the event is free to attend, this ensures maximum accessibility to expertise from a variety of fields. 

Following on from the success of the first Virtual Island Summit in 2019, we aimed to make the 2020 and 2021 iterations more impactful events, connecting much greater numbers of attendees and speakers. The summit grew to 10,000 and 12,000 attendees, more than triple the 4,000 attendees in the first year. To help achieve this goal, we expanded our team and initiated new growth programs, including our Ambassador and Local Events programs, which were both successful. We were able to significantly expand the number of Sponsors and Partners, as well as the number of speakers.

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