CCI – CBF Week

CCI-CBF Week’s focus was nature-based solutions for the joint future of the Caribbean. We were asked to create high-quality digital content for promotion and to attract attendees.

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CCI - CBF Week: Reaching a much wider and more diverse audience

Traditionally, the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) and Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) held CCI-CBF Week in-person, but due to COVID-19, it needed to move online. 

We were selected to promote this event due to our team’s expertise for running successful large scale global virtual events and strong ties with the Caribbean.

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CCI-CBF Week’s focus was nature-based solutions for the joint future of the Caribbean. We were asked to create high-quality digital content for promotion and to attract attendees.


Our work included designing and setting up an event website as well as creating CCI-CBF Week social media profiles. We build a customized website and engaging social media posts that delivered registrations.

Our Approach

During the lead up to the CCI-CBF Week, Island Innovation helped to create a complete website to advertise the summit including a speaker biography. The agenda section included a full list of the sessions.


Our team also helped to set up CCI-CBF Week profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn where daily posts were shared. To help amplify reach Island Innovation accounts engaged in the original posts through comments and shares. Posts included high-quality images, videos, engaging articles, and relevant hashtags and continued during the event. Finally, we uploaded all sessions to the event’s YouTube channel.

What’s next for the CCI-CBF Week?

Prior to the CCI-CBF virtual event, the CCI and CBF teams viewed the switch to a virtual event as more of an inconvenient necessity, rather than a long-term change. Following the success of the virtual event, they are now aware of all the major advantages including increased attendance.

Virtual event advantages include the option of cheaper tickets due to not needing to book a venue, as well as opening the event up to a far larger and more diverse audience and speakers. Travel to and from the Caribbean, where the event has regularly been held, as well as accommodation, can be prohibitively high, thus limiting the number of people who were able to attend the in-person event. In addition, the time necessary to travel to and from the event may have made it unfeasible for some attendees and speakers in the past. Many of these barriers are eliminated through switching to virtual events, so the 2021 CCI-CBF Week and subsequent years ahead will likely be held virtually, or in a hybrid style (in-person and virtual).

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